Travel and Site Access

Visit LBNL's Visitor Information Website for Bay Area transit information, maps and directions, information about computer safety, and other topics and links.

LBNL Shuttle Bus Service
  • For those of you staying in downtown Berkeley hotels or taking public transportation to the workshop, the Lab's shuttle bus service offers service to/from the Lab and downtown Berkeley Monday through Friday except Laboratory holidays (including President's Day this coming Monday).
  • Information on the shuttle service can be found at:
  • When boarding the bus, show the driver a copy of your workshop registration confirmation.
    • You will be asked for a photo id for verification purposes.
  • Tell the driver that you would like to get off at Bldg. 50.
    • The Bldg. 50 auditorium where the conference is being held will be on your right as you exit the bus
If taking a taxi to LBNL
  • Check in at the Visitors gate.
  • Taxis are allowed to go on site.
    • Ask the driver to take you to Bldg. 50.
      • The bright yellow signs will direct you to the CORPES 11 Conference at Bldg. 50.
  • Parking is limited at the Lab.
    • Taking public transportation and the Lab shuttle bus is encouraged.
  • Twenty parking spaces have be reserved for the workshop participants.
    • For those of you staying at the Lab Guest House, they will issue you a Guest Housing parking permit to park in a designated parking lot for Guest House guests.
      • Guests are allowed to park in the lot overnight.
  • Directions to the Conference Parking Lot
    • After exiting the guard gate you will come to a stop sign.
    • Turn right and follow the bright yellow signs directing you to the "CORPES11 Conference".
      • Follow the subsequent signs "CORPES11 Conference Parking: that will take you to the reserved parking area.
      • There will be barricaded parking spaces on the right-hand side of the parking lot.
    • The parking lot where the reserved parking area is located is for blue triangle parking permits.
      • If the reserved parking spaces are taken, you can park in other available parking spaces in the parking lot.
        • The parking lot tends to fill up after 8:30am.
  • Directions to the Conference from the Guest House and Conference Parking Lot
    • Follow the bright yellow signs "CORPES11 Conference" to the Bldg. 50 Auditorium.
  • Directions to the Poster Session/Lunches from the 50 Auditorium 
      • Follow the bright orange signs "CORPES11 Conference" to the Bldg. 50 Auditorium.
Site Access
  • If you registered in advance your name will be at the "Visitors" gate as you enter the Laboratory.
  • You will be asked for a photo ID for verification purposees.
  • A blue triangle parking permit will be issued to you that is good for the duration of the conference.
  • A site map of LBNL showing the location of the workshop, the reserved parking area, the LBNL Guest House, Guest House parking and location of the poster session is attached for your use.
  • If you know of any colleagues who have not registered for the workshop as yet, the guard will contact the workshop staff to obtain permission for them to enter the Lab.

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